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Raphaella Riboud

Born in 1979 and raised in Paris, Raphaella Riboud comes from a creative, cosmopolitan background that includes strong ties to India. Formative summers spent on the East Coast - interning on a junior level - gave her a taste for the Anglo-Saxon work ethic and the less formal lifestyle. This eventually led to Riboud moving to London in 2002 and working at Tatler Magazine, one of British Condé Nast’s top monthly publications. Two years later, she was hired by Vogue, run by Alexandra Shulman, the acclaimed editor-in-chief. Although the three years developed Riboud’s experience in the highly demanding world of fashion and marketing, she was keen to take all that she had learnt and return to Paris. After working at Ralph Lauren, she was recruited by Dior in 2008. The three years spent at the illustrious couture house taught her the value of Parisian perfectionism and being relentless. In many ways, Riboud’s Private Wear collection is an accumulation of being surrounded by stylish women role models and professionally evolving in fashion for almost a decade. Both worlds prepared her for the difference of taste and the necessity of vision and determination when introducing a new lifestyle line.