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This week we launched our new video series ‘Style & Substance’ and in the first edition, took a peek inside an art-filled home. Inspired by the creative theme, here’s our favourite artsy things...

As a massive fan of The Great British Bake Off, I was overjoyed to see this interview with Tom Hovey, the show’s illustrator. Having spent ten years bringing all the show’s bakes to life with his illustrations, Hovey has lots of special moments and anecdotes to share. 

- Shelly

Having not drawn since my Art GCSE, I went to a sketching event last week and I couldn’t recommend it more. Not so much a class to master techniques, the aim of Sketch Appeal is simply to encourage you to embrace your creativity, experiment and play with new ideas. Plus there’s sweeties! 

- Nancy

A few weeks ago we visited the art-filled home of Rebecca Kronacker, who is the first subject of our new video series ‘Style & Substance’. Rebecca is married to a painter and having worked in fashion for many years, loves to make things. She has a very unique, artsy style, so I’m enjoying browsing the edit she has put together for us.  

- Sophie

I find nothing more inspiring than to get a peek through the keyhole into an artist’s home and there’s not many more intriguing than Luke Edward Hall and fiancé Duncan Campbell’s space. The artist and designer’s Camden is flat filled with colour, pattern and artworks galore.

- Carly

Helen Levi is a NYC based photographer and potter (or as she calls herself: a pot-ographer). Apart from showcasing her gorgeous ceramic pieces, her Instagram account is filled with mesmerising videos of herself in action in the studio.  

- Shelly 

There are literally zero perks to working in Vauxhall – or at least that was the case until Newport opened last year.  One of London’s hottest art galleries, it displays works from Damien’s Hurst private collection. There is always something worth seeing, it’s free for all and it’s and 10 minutes walk from Endource.  

- Tal 

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