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Following Earth Day and thousands of activists creating disorder on the streets of London during the Extinction Rebellion, this week’s list is inspired by the current swell of attention caused by the climate crisis...

The new Netflix documentary from the nation’s favourite David Attenborough is so impactful that it inspired hoards of people to join the Extinction Rebellion. It makes for uncomfortable viewing, but that’s what makes it so important to watch.

- Carly

As a certified candle hoarder, it’s always exciting to come across a brand (and scents) I haven’t yet tried. My most recent discovery is Eym – an indie brand that is all about being 100% natural and eco-friendly. My favourite scent is ‘Create’ which is based on orange, bergamot and black pepper.

- Shelly

A recent watch of March of the Penguins got me worried about how climate change is affecting emperor penguins. A quick google revealed they are indeed endangered. A few searches later and I landed on the WWF site, where you can adopt an animal paying a monthly amount towards their preservation. It’s like a tax I pay for living on this planet.

- Tal

I was shocked to recently learn (from an Instagram meme no less) that it can take manmade fabrics such as lycra up to 200 years to decompose in landfill. Linen only takes two weeks to return to the earth, which is why I’ll be shopping as many summer pieces as I can from our linen edit.

- Carly

I absolutely love the concept behind the clever new swimwear collection from Arket. With a focus on recycling, it’s made from an innovative yarn called ECONYL®, which is derived from nylon waste and recovered fishing nets.

- Sophie

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