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All things French

We’re a team of Francophiles. So, amidst the calamity that is Brexit (shh!), here’s a list of all the things we love from the place we like to think of as our much chicer sister...

I’m into Radio Nova which is a Lyon-based, independent radio station that plays the coolest and most diverse selection of music… everything from ‘60s jazz to French pop and hip-hop. Even the adverts sound chic! 

- Nancy

After years of reading rave reviews on this French fragrance brand and religiously liking everything they post on Instagram, I finally went ahead and bought this signature scent by Maison Louis Marie. What can I say, it lives up to all the hype. I got the oil-perfume version which is budget-friendly and comes in the perfect travel size. 

- Shelly

I have so many Bretons in my wardrobe that it’s become a bit of a joke with my friends (!). I find the Parisian classic goes with everything though. I’ll be wearing this one from our Breton Edit with white jeans and high tops on weekends and a silk skirt and barely-there strappy sandals for work. 

- Carly

Available on Netflix, ‘Call my agent’ follows the lives of agents and actors in a talent firm in Paris. Each episode hosts a real celebrity playing him/herself, which makes for extra fun in guessing which part of the plot might be real. I’ve only gotten as far as mid-season one (out of three) but I'm already hooked on the characters and the entire Parisian vibe.   

- Shelly

I bought Parisian Chic by Ines de la Frances maybe a decade ago and curiosity led me to flick through it the other day. I wanted to see how it’s stood the test of time, especially in the age of fashion ‘influence’. Turns out it’s as timeless as the Parisian style it aims to decipher and as the woman who wrote it. It’s also the source of some key rules I still follow like never put mascara on your lower lashes. Read and memorise.

- Tal

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