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All things weekend

From books to bury your head in, to local cafe hang-outs, here’s a list of things we’ll be indulging in over the weekend. And relax...

Nothing makes you feel like you’re on a day off more than catching a day-time screening at the cinema. I really want to see ‘Eighth Grade’ which critics are claiming to be the next big coming-of-age hit. It’s opening just in time for the weekend around London.

- Shelly

If the weather really does turn out to be as good as predicted, I’m hoping to show my pedi off for the first time this year. Even if my trench still comes out with me, I’m planning on braving my new ARKET strappy sandals with jeans and a tee (I might take a back-up jumper too, just in case!).

- Carly

From the creators of Glee, Pose is as (if not more) flamboyant than its predecessor,  but the culture it depicts makes it much more than escapist fun. Set in the late ‘80s, the series brings to life the underground ballroom culture in New York against the backdrop of the emerging Trump-luxury era and the HIV epidemic. Compulsive weekend viewing.

- Tal

The weekend is a perfect opportunity to delve into a book and not just read on the tube or for a few minutes in bed before falling asleep. Last week I received the latest novel by Nina Stibbe – ‘Reasons to be cheerful’ which I got on pre-order and now it has finally been released. As a huge fan of her fantastic novels to date, I can’t wait to discover the magic of this one.

- Shelly

Everyone knows weekends are for eating and one of my favourite London foodie hang-outs is Maltby Street Market. I’m going to head there early and get a pain au chocolate twist from Comptoir Gourmand, a great little old-world French patisserie with cafes on the market and in nearby Bermondsey Street.

- Carly

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