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With this year’s festivities happening on a smaller scale than usual, our new collaboration with ARKET focuses on the connections between those closest to us, that make this such a magical holiday for so many. However you choose to celebrate, it’s who you do it with that counts. It’s an opportunity to cherish what is most important to us, whatever else is happening in the background. We invited three unique families to share what makes Christmas special for them.

Sophia Cook’s can-do attitude and zest for life is manifested in her inspiring posts, which marry words of wisdom with colourful vignettes of her joyfully busy life with her husband and two exuberant little ones. Here are her hopes for Christmas with The Cooks…

Cassie Chung’s elegantly-toned and beautifully-framed shots, of life in and around her family home on the Welsh coast, make a compelling case for rural living. Here, she considers what brings the magic for her at this time of year. 

The Brighton-based Zobbo family’s adventurous spirit shines through in Jade Zobbo’s pictures of everyday life, which exude warmth, happiness and harmony. We asked what makes Christmas special for her tribe.