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Do good / Feel good

This edition, we're all about propelling good vibes. We've highlighted the things that make us feel good, whilst also making the world a better place to live in...

I’ve just starting ordering from The Good Club, ideal for reducing my environmental impact while buying the basics. Everything from oat milk to biodegradable bin bags to bamboo baby wipes are delivered in plastic-free packaging and carbon neutral vans. Plus, become a member and stock up on eco-friendly staples for 30% less.

- Nancy

There aren't a lot of apps I can say have changed my life. Headspace is definitely one of them. Being part of my daily morning routine for over four years now, I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in meditating. I personally love their courses arranged by themes, and repeat them as necessary.

- Shelly

I love this tee created by illustrators Liv and Dom Cave Sutherland for Whistles in support of young persons cancer charity Trekstock. The super-cool twin sisters celebrate women through the female gaze and this design incorporates a mountain to symbolise overcoming challenges.

- Carly

In a world full of faux-life Instagrams I always delight at Natalie Lee’s (AKA @stylemesunday) feed. Never afraid to say (or show) it like it is, body-positive to the max and absolutely stunning – she’s one that can teach us a thing or two..

- Tal

Bravo to Arket for not over-retouching their models. The more body positivity we see in the fashion industry the better and as usual, my favourite Scandi highstreet brand is leading the way.

- Carly

My Instagram feed is made up almost entirely of cats, but not all of it is for pure cuteness purposes. @myfosterkittens is Nikky, a Las Vegas-based kitten carer, who dedicates so much time, energy and love towards rescuing kittens and re-homing them. She shares the day-to-day life of a foster-cat-parent along with valuable information for any cat owner.  

- Shelly

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