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Review: Finery's new Japanese denim launch

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This week, Finery introduce their first own-label denim collection. Small but perfectly formed, the capsule collection consists of two jeans styles - a wide leg and a more traditional 'mom' jean shape - in two different colours, with a dress and jacket to follow later this year.

As you might expect, the jeans have more in common with tailoring than casual wear; no ripped knees here. Instead, in keeping with Finery’s quietly beautiful aesthetic, it’s all about the details: the finest quality Japanese denim, painstakingly-chosen stitching and carefully selected washes.

‘We had some denim from a denim brand called Waven, which did quite well, and that’s when we realized we wanted to launch our own denim', says Finery's denim designer, Merje Laiapea. 'We wanted to do something a little more special.’

'Rather than being casual, they have the tailored element so you can easily dress them up or down.'

'Japanese denim is durable, high quality and well crafted, traditionally natural-dyed rather than synthetic-dyed. Ours is from Mikutex Co in Japan’, says Merje.

The first style, Ash, has a banana-shape peg leg design and is initially available in black, with a gorgeous deep sea blue (above) coming for summer. Merje chose a light wash for both, giving the denim a soft, comfortable feel, and colour-fastness that won't rub off onto lighter fabrics.

'For inspiration, I was looking at 1940s workwear denim and classic Levi's engineered twisted leg jeans.'

FINERY-BLACKClick to shop: Finery Ash Jeans, £119

'It's more of a boy-shape, but we try to make it very flattering on the waist and hips, so it’s got a wider leg. They’re a bit cropped so they kind of sit a tiny bit over the ankle bone. It makes them quite flattering, especially because the hem pulls in a bit because of the curved seam.'

As for stretch, Merje was sure that she didn't want any.

'We wanted it to look authentic and the more stretch you put into a jean, the less of a jean it is. That’s why we didn’t want to do a skinny style to start with. Which isn't to say we won’t do a skinny eventually but there’s a lot of good choices out there already, but very little of something like this.'

'This' being jeans that can hold their own in the informal workplace.

'We have tried to make it so it’s not what you would traditionally think of as a jean, it’s got quite a lot of interesting details.'

'For now, I’ll be wearing mine with jersey and big knit jumpers.'

Jeans shopping can be fraught with disappointment, so what are Merje's expert tips for success?

'Try them all on and see what works. With ours, you have to feel comfortable straight away because there is no stretch in it. So I would say when you buy something, keep the size that feels “just right.”

So no buying a size too small in the hope that they'll give (or you'll go down a size).

And when it comes to caring for your denim, Merje has a washing tip that might just prove life-changing.

'Try not to wash them at all! My mom always told me to wash them at the bottom of the bath just to get the dirt out, but no detergent!'

If you don't fancy that, Merje recommends cold washing or dry cleaning, as little as you can, to preserve the shape and life of your denim.

'Just try not to wash them a lot.'

So there you have it: it's officially ok not to wash your jeans.

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