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All Things Sleep

How did you sleep last night? It’s a question that we’ve never been so obsessed with. This week’s list is all about how we maximise our 40 winks...

Joe Rogan’s podcast with Founder of the Center for Human Sleep Science Matthew Walker really brought it home how important it is to get your eight hours a night. From the effects of iPhones on melatonin production to the cancer antibodies that are made while you sleep, this interview blew my mind.

- Nancy

Nothing says ‘time for bed’ to me like carrying out my evening skincare routine. Twice a week I apply a face mask as a treat before bed, and every evening (amongst other products) I apply my retinol which is a proven anti-aging product. One in particular that I’m enjoying at the moment is the Sunday Riley Luna, Sleeping Night Oil, which is a great ‘starter’ retinol option.

- Sophie

I’m a creature of habit, so my bedtime ritual is just as important to me as the one waking up. One of the key elements is filling up my Muji Aroma Diffuser with fresh water and a few drops of either lavender oil or Muji’s own ‘good night’ oils blend. Maybe it’s psychological, but I really do feel it sends me off to a better night of sleep.  

- Shelly

I have incredibly vivid dreams and I’ve been looking up the meanings of my most fervent ones since I was a teenager. From falling out teeth to flying, you’ll find incredible insight into your subconscious in this thorough dream dictionary.

- Carly

Sand & Such is a gorgeous online magazine dedicated to the subject of sleep. Founded by Verena Michelitsch (a talented NYC based graphic designer) it includes interviews, articles, playlists and everything around this dreamy subject. The design and photography are a treat.  

- Shelly

When I was little, I’d always get a new pair of pyjamas on Christmas Eve – so a fresh set feels a little gift to myself. I’m searching for some summer-friendly styles in our nightwear edit.

- Carly