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Meet The People Of ARKET

With a Nordic sensibility underpinning everything it does, ARKET is more than just a fashion brand; it’s a shorthand for a certain way of life, with good design, concern for the environment and clothes for living (not the reverse) at its core. Where they intersect are the ARKET community, who share these values: they are the People of ARKET, and who better to showcase the current collection? We asked some of them to create and share their AW20 capsules; here’s what they had to say…

Longevity, quality, effortlessness: attributes echoed by all four of the creative women we asked to review the new collection, in describing ARKET's appeal. The result is a streamlined, real-life capsule that will stay relevant for many seasons to come, curated by @thismrslife @thestylesponge, @cissywears, and @dhowelldesigns.

Arket’s functionality is intertwined with its aesthetic; therein lies its appeal for @mono_form and @hryspn, the two Arket fans and men of Instagram that we asked to curate the new collection. In their edit, quilting, pure wool, corduroy and French terry provide all-important softness to offset the utilitarian sensibility that gives these pieces their longevity.