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The Shape Of Things To Come

On a mission to liberate women from underwear that doesn’t serve them, Heist's meticulously-developed collection of tights and shapewear is genuinely game-changing. With a nude in 7 representative shades developed in collaboration with 100,000 women and other innovative products that will have you asking, ‘why wasn’t this available before?’ (a debut underwear collection is coming soon), they’ve built up a devoted following through the strength of their products and word-of-mouth. They are the newest brand to join endource and to mark the occasion, we caught up with them for a chat (over Zoom, naturally).

Here are 5 things we learnt about Heist…

Instead of sexy knickers and comfy knickers, Heist want women to have one pair - like men have their one pair of boxers  - that work every day, without having to compromise on looks, comfort or performance.

They believe it should be the norm to champion, celebrate and empower all women as much as possible and for their customers, whoever they might be, to feel seen.

‘The Nude Project’ was an industry first: a collaboration with 100,000 women over two years that used data science to create seven representative shades, that each of those women could get a match from. The data is open source should anyone want to access it.

Heist has raised $10M from some of the world's leading investors to build Lab12, an in-house innovation laboratory. The team applies the same level of physiological research and technological innovation to underwear that has previously been applied to sportswear.

Under Heist’s collaborative ‘future of underwear initiative’, CO.LAB.12, prototypes are sent out with a survey and feedback on everything from fit to style used to decide the final design, rather than relying solely on fit models.