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All Things Pride

This week London’s iconic Pride parade comes to Trafalgar Square. To help spread the love, here’s a list of our favourite things that celebrate LGBTQ social and self acceptance...

Over the weekend I watched the new it-movie ‘Booksmart’ and can report it lives up to all the hype. Funny, witty, touching, and best of all – it has one queer protagonist. The way it’s portrayed is so seamless and natural, tackling all the ordinary teenage angst around first crushes and sex: but from a lesbian point of view.    

- Shelly

@queerbible is a beautiful collection of essays and illustrations celebrating LGBTQ heroes. I love reading the stories of everyone they’ve featured – from cultural trailblazers like Pepper Labeija, to activists such as Lola Flash.

- Carly

Anyone looking for the antidote to soulless mega clubs should head to Sink The Pink, the biggest LGBTQ night in London. A colourful and inclusive alternative to the gay scene’s more male-dominated clubs, its raucous cabaret vibe sticks two fingers up to gender norms. Expect glitter, lip-syncs and plenty of voguing.

- Nancy

Tel Aviv is known for its gay friendlyness all year around so when it’s Pride the entire city is in rainbow colours literally and symbolically. A winning combination of street parties, uber cool club nights and beautiful folk hanging out on the beach – it’s a perfect excuse for a city break (next pride is in June 2020 dates TBC).

- Tal

This fresh new musical is based on the true-life subject of a 2011 BBC Documentary: Jamie Campbell (a 16 year old, dreaming of drag-queen stardom). This show is truly joyous, touching and entertaining and strikes a lovely balance of humour and sensitivity.

- Sophie