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Working from home

This week's list is inspired by the Ethos of NRBY As we all work flexibly at Endource (we like to think of ourselves as WFH experts), here are the things that motivate us when we're not in the office.

We all know better than wearing PJs when working from home. I suggest taking it a step further – add shoes! You won’t believe the effect it has on making you feel like you’re actually at the office. A go-to choice is slipper style loafers, like this gorgeous pair from Arket.

- Shelly

I stay away from the sofa at all costs! It sounds silly but I find it so much easier to focus with a comfy business-y chair and a good tech set-up. Choose a specific room or area and make that your designated workspace.

- Nancy

This NRBY dress is super soft, flattering and just what I want to get into after my morning shower. When I am popping out for a coffee or to run a little errand (shhhhh!) I’ll just get into my slightly knackered white trainers, add a touch of lipstick and I’ll be ready to go.

- Tal

I’m a bit of a stationery geek and having my desk organised definitely helps to make me more productive (or feel like it anyway!). My absolute favourite place to find pretty notebooks and pens in every shade of the rainbow is Papersmiths. 

- Carly

Lunchtime yoga is my absolute favourite time of the day when working from home. My local yoga studio has an hour-long session which is made for a lunch break. When I come back to my laptop I am in the zone and the rest of the day is always super enjoyable. More Yoga has branches all around London. The teachers are great and it’s inexpensive. 

- Sophie

If you’re working from a cafe, it’s absolutely essential to follow some etiquette rules. Actually order something, be nice to the staff and don’t outstay your welcome. My go-to place is Mae + Harvey for coffee and their amazing avocado toast. 

- Amy

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