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the path of the moons 24ct yellow gold-plated bronze chain necklace


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Drawing inspiration from the poet Dante Alighieri (cue the label's name), eponymous British jeweller Alighieri was founded by Rosh Mahtani in 2014, and the brand has been crafting dreamy, surreal trinkets ever since. Plucked from the brand's latest collection, The Path of the Moons necklace is designed to illuminate your life, thanks to its gleaming 24ct yellow gold plated design. Plated on brass, it's entirely handmade, meaning each one is unique to you.

  • 100% bronze; plating
  • 100% 24ct yellow gold
  • Product Code: R03957011


Founded in 2014, Alighieri creates jewellery inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’. Its ‘Modern Heirlooms’ are all handcrafted in London. Core pieces are cast in recycled bronze before being plated in gold, or made in solid sterling silver, supplied by certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

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