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consul st james leather oxford shoes


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There are vigorous debates under way in Manhattan apartments, in English pubs and on Italian piazzas about who makes the best shoes in the world. Really the best. And wherever these conversations are being had, the name Church’s is in the mix. The Northampton company knows what it’s doing: these Consul shoes are cut from St James calf leather to a classic Oxford silhouette and are finished with a Goodyear sole.


Stone Church, aptly named as the rock upon which Church’s was founded, was born in 1675 and trained as a cordwainer and master shoemaker. His skills were passed down to his greatgrandson Thomas who opened a small factory with his sons and his wife Eliza in Northampton, on 1st May 1873. Northampton is a town not far from London with a history in shoemaking dating back to Cromwellian times. In the space of a few years, Church’s was transformed from a craft workshop into a benchmark firm for high-quality footwear, both locally and for the most demanding shoe shops in London and elsewhere in Europe.

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