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2-pack slim-fit jeans


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The garments labelled as Committed are products that have been produced using sustainable fibres or processes, reducing their environmental impact. Mango's goal is to support the implementation of practices more committed to the environment, and therefore increase the number of sustainable garments in the collection.

Pack of 2, Contrasting colours, Slim fit, Denim style cotton fabric, Long design, Five pockets, Loops, Zip and one button fastening.

  • 56% cotton,19% polyester,14% lyocell,10% viscose,1% elastane
  • Trousers: 51% cotton,23% polyester,14% lyocell,10% viscose,2% elastane


No one does affordable fashion quite like Spain, and Mango is a case in point. Loved for its fresh, free-spirited collections with an unmistakably European elegance, Mango excels in trend-led pieces that, crucially, can be worn by all ages and sizes.

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