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x tds niobium concept 1 three-in-one boots


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New Balance's Tokyo Design Studio and skiwear label Snow Peak collaborate on a new capsule collection that includes these innovative khaki-beige Niobium Concept 1 boots, inspired by the sole of the former's MT801 trail running trainers and named after the 41st element of the periodic table. They're crafted from rubber and mesh as a waterproof boot with eVent technology that can be turned into a sandal or an indoor slipper.

  • Rubber, mesh and fabric


A classic on the sportswear scene that started out selling arch supports to police officers and waiters in the early 1900s, New Balance has re-emerged as a fashion must-have in recent years and, with stylish collaborations from J.Crew to Stone Island, the iconic sneakers are going nowhere. See their much coveted styles in Cosmopolitan, InStyle and Vogue.

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