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PANGAIA x We Are Hairy People (WAHP) is an initiative to raise awareness around endangered animals and highlight the importance of mindful consumption. This upcycling capsule features unique, hand-painted designs that give old styles a new life. These Shorts are created using a soft loopback fabric similar to French Terry, made from organic cotton and features a hand-painted Macaraoni Penguin. By protecting the places where they live, we can help them thrive and contribute to their ecosystem, maintaining a balanced and healthy planet. Did you know? Macaroni penguins eat 4 million tonnes of krill a year but rising sea temperatures and unsustainable fishing practices have reduced the amount of krill that they have access to—making their population the most vulnerable it’s been in decades.

  • 100% organic cotton


Describing itself as a materials science company on a mission to save the environment, using smart technology and as many sustainable and recyclable elements as possible to create a thoughtful collection of wardrobe essentials, Pangaia offers a compelling blueprint for the future of fashion, and an excellent source of casual everyday elements from t-shirts to denim.

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