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teva hurricane xlt2


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An upgrade of the iconic Hurricane XLT by Teva, these sandals feature an easy hook-and-loop closure and a new cushioned heel tab for increased comfort.

  • Quick-dry straps made with recycled polyester
  • Adjustable fit EVA foam midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Rugged Durabrasion
  • RubberTM outsole supplies great traction and stability


In 1984, a Grand Canyon river guide stumbled on a truth that would forever change the footwear world: inside every person is an adventurous spirit waiting to be tapped. He realized that the only thing holding anyone back from the lifestyle that he loved was a simple invitation. Something to reassure them...to give them the confidence to jump in. So, he built that invitation. The Teva Original came from humble beginnings -- an old Velcro watch strap attached to a flip flop -- but it has grown into an icon that speaks to the masses. People around the world have accepted the invitation to adventure and adopted the "strap in and go," spontaneous, go-anywhere, do-anything mentality that the Original stands for. Everything that we do, and everything we make is in service of the adventurous spirit, because we know that unscripted moments are the ones that turn into the best memories.

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