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Based on adult styles, these Veja Esplar trainers for children are made from ethically sourced and fairly traded leather and rubber. They are designed with a reinforced sole and built-up toe and have two hook-and-loop fasteners for easy slip-on comfort. Named after a Brazilian NGO that offers technical support to organic cotton farmers in northern Brazil, this style was launched in 2011.

  • Upper made from low-chrome leather, Outsole made from Amazonian wild rubber, Inner sole in organic cotton and expensed rubber


5 years on - The world understands that social issues and environmental crisis are now matters of urgency. Day after day, prophets of all kind are pulling the emergency cord, the entire economy is turning green and sustainable-developementising speeches are spreading around. Actions remain scarce but words abound. Beyond movies about the environment, beyond multinational companies building green windows to hide disasters, beyond the Copenhagen speeches filled with words and political promise…. Action. And despite this green-fronted economy, let's try to offer a different vision which combines fair trade and ecology and links together economy, social initiatives and the environment. A vision that proposes cultural change. Transparency.

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