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Ash was founded in 2000 from the passion and the knowledge of two great creative minds: Leonello Calvani and Patrick Ithier. Independent and rebellious, the Ash collection takes an exotic trip in search of new horizons. The look is a mix of both glamourous and metropolitan with dashes of intense colour and the warmth of the desert, giving life to a collection that is a whole new world to discover. Their shoes reflect a background in French luxury design, merged with Italian leathers and craftsmanship. The philosophy of Ash was created on two main ideas: Awareness of distribution and price competition, while creating cool unique products for fashion forward consumers. Ash shoes target a fashion conscious generation of men and women who travel to the style capitals of the world, always setting trends, never following them. Glamour and originality of the styles are always at the base of the philosophy of the brand. This is reflected from the architectural concept of each store: Every ASH retail space is an epitome of the brand’s edginess, unique products and philosophy. Leather walls, stone floors, bold graphics and eye-catching window displays create the contrast of old world charm with modern aesthetics and interesting concepts. All retail stores carry a wide range of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes as well as other leather accessories.