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Maria Sole Cecchi, also known as Les Petits Joueurs designer, was just of age when she left her house in Florence to go to Paris in search of inspiration for a lifetime. The inspiration came when she began to create special bags, by re-editing some old ones she had: she glued the famous Lego brick on them, she went out the same night, accompanied by her new accessory, and to her surprise… it was a HIT. Conceived out of her love for the unique, what started as a pastime to satisfy her own desires and tastes, quickly began to gain the attention and curiosity from the fashion elite worldwide. This is how the brand Maria Sole – Les Petits Joueurs was born. Maria Sole Bags, fun and fashionable Lego mosaic bags feature just the right mix of playfulness and chic. Inspired by the versality ,the vaste range of colours and the geometric shapes of the lego’s bricks, the designer’s aim is to create a brand that emphasizes research, which represent the uniqueness of an idea and the desire of creating something different to what is out in the fashon market. Each piece is realised with meticulous attention to details and the combining of the finest quality materials. Bags and accessories are produced very limited editions: they are uni-seasonal and completely made by hand by the most traditional artisans in Florence, Italy.