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Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali is known for her innovative yet timeless approach to fashion. She began her career in 1967 with her first shop, and is still the sole owner of her company today. Norma won numerous awards for her designs, as well as for her fashion films, architecture and interior design. She is well known for her swimwear, originating the sleeping bag coat, parachute clothing, and high heeled sneakers. The influence she has on the fashion industry can be seen throughout her career. Norma has been ahead of the curve in fashion but also in other areas as well. The no makeup, makeup collection in the early 90's, her fitness line of technical active clothing, and the early use of the internet in the 90's to interact directly with her clients are a few examples. Her 3d films, involvement in virtual and augmented reality for education, entertainment, and fashion all used in unique way to tell the story of her brand. Her study of anatomy is evident in her swimwear and costume designs for dance productions. Her credits include Sidney Lumet's emerald city sequence and Twyla Tharp’s dances starting with the breakthrough "In The Upper Room". These designs display Norma Kamali’s hands on technical skills and understanding of movement. Her clients have worn her clothes throughout the years and have defined each decade. Celebrities like Madonna, Farrah Fawcett, Cher, and Raquel Welch to name a few. Today Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady GaGa have all worn Kamali’s designs. Norma's partnerships for distribution throughout her career include large international companies from Zamasport in Italy, to Jones apparel in the eighties, Renown in Japan, and more recently Walmart. After decades of designing, she decided to finally reach women who can’t afford designer clothes and give them the opportunity to have design, fit, and good quality at a great price. In 2012 Norma created the collection KAMALIKULTURE the next step, after her line for Walmart. KAMALIKULTURE is timeless style, under $100, and sized 0-18. The collection is a solution for the modern woman to have a designer collection of styles that are easy care. The launch of her SWEATS Collection for spring 2014 is the fast forward look to the future of the revolutionary Sweats Collection she originally launched in 1980. That was the first time women wore sweatshirt clothing to work and parties, making one of the first statements about casual clothing. It became a lifestyle movement in every price range. The SWEATS Collection is another testament to Norma's belief that timeless style is more powerful than fashion: Or is in fact real fashion. At the same time Norma created and launched INTERACTIVEACTIVE. Her technical experience, her understanding of movement, form, function, and design are as much a part of her DNA as are the SWEATS. Norma's entire career has been a platform for her life goal which is to help enhance and empower women. The first step has been through clothing. Then in 2001, she created the WELLNESS