Customer Service


RISE, by definition, indicates an upward movement; providing the sense of elevating from a lower position to a higher one. And, in our vision, a modern day retail space should serve their customer in exactly the same way. With an aim on raising the bar from what has come to be expected. By sourcing very specific, key pieces of streetwear and stocking only the most sought after footwear, RISE will be equipped to outfit an audience who already knows what they're looking for, while also introducing new styles to those individuals who may not. With the monochromatic, black and white decor, the space itself (in addition to our web presence) will be a canvas for the products displayed to stand alone, and become more than just goods that become irrelevant over time. Our visitors are invited to not only to interact with us regularly, but also to participate and be inspired by any and all of our various activities. We encourage and welcome your input and critiques as the goal is to get better at what we do each and every day. In time, we're confident that you'll come to embrace our culture fully and enjoy the connection. In closing, we ask that you enter each time with a clear mind and allow for our ways to envelope your senses in a way only we can. Truly yours, RISE Staff A sound vision.