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Westward Leaning

We make sunglasses that celebrate human achievement by incorporating unique materials specific to that moment, place, and time. Our mission is to inspire and celebrate human achievement with products that are equally beautiful, meaningful, and authentic. Substance & Authenticity: Our products always highlight human achievement and social progress. We strive to be genuine, sensitive, and meaningful in making the connection. Beautiful Products: We never compromise on design or quality. We draw connections to social issues that are subtle and sincere. Innovation: We seek to be intelligent, thoughtful, and timely in choosing which social issues to highlight, and in selecting relevant, unique, and unexpected materials. An Inspirational Message: Our products celebrate the triumphs, not the setbacks, of humanity. Our message is hopeful. We want to make our customers feel good by offering them the opportunity to express not only their personal style, but also their passion for the world around them.